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Name:本宮 大輔 | Motomiya Daisuke
Location:Odaiba, Japan

Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya

Series:Digimon Adventure 02/Digimon: Digital Monsters
Age: 11
Hometown: Odaiba, Japan
Traits: Courage/Friendship & Miracles
Partner: V-mon
Jogress Partner: Ken Ichijouji


The inheritor of both the Crest of Courage and the Crest of Friendship, Daisuke is a soccer addicted child who very much likes being the center of attention and was named leader of the second generation by inheriting the goggles worn by Yagami Taichi during the latter's adventures in the Digital World. Daisuke spends much time growing into this role, as he is shown to have a rather abrupt and dive-in-head-first-think-about-things-later personality at the beginning. But Daisuke, however, does have drive, and is the last one out of the group to give up.

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Journal for RP purposes only. I'm not actually Daisuke, I just write bad fic with him and Ken. XD

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